Washington DC Photographers

It is the norm for every wedding to have photographers who capture the beauty, joy and love that comes with every wedding. Essentially, the memories of one of the most important days in a couple’s life should recorded to stand as a testament of the love they have for each other. Photography does exactly this!

We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand times. However, the pictures can only achieve this feat if they are perfect. This is what we aim to achieve – to provide professional photography that captures the essence and beauty of each of our clients’ wedding.

As passionate Washington DC photographers, we aim to capture the moments that embellish joy and love. We are dedicated to ensuring that no moment goes uncaptured.

The Packs That Makes Us The Best Washington DC Photographers

Passionate For Our Work

We believe that passion yields the very best in every endeavor. To this end, our team of photographers maintain a high degree passion on matters of wedding photography. The end results are very stunning photographs that our clients will love.


Wedding photography is not just a matter of taking shots. There is an art to it, which goes a long way to producing beautiful photographs. Our team of photographers greatly value creativity and use it all to the benefit our clients. The photographs that result from the creative use of photography are not only beautiful but also ‘non-cliché’.


This attribute works to ensure that the photography endeavor goes on smoothly. Our photography team conducts its affairs with the utmost professionalism that our clients deserve.

The Variety Of Wedding Ceremonies We Cater For

As a professional wedding photography company, Griffen Theatre has worked to master the art of wedding photography in the different wedding settings that weddings have.

Indoor Weeding Setting

Indoor wedding settings have their benefits as well as constraints. Among the many constraints that interior settings have is the constraints of space for the photographers to move around. With regards to lighting, the light that is produced by lighting installation requires the use of specialist equipment that can take photos in inadequate light settings.

These and many more factors influence and challenge photography in interior wedding ceremonies. Our photography team has specialized in interior wedding photography and as such we produce stunning photos for our clients.

Exterior Wedding Setting

Just as with interior wedding setting, exterior wedding settings have challenges too. At the top of the influencing factors are the elements. Factors such as the amount of sunshine, cloud cover and the presence or absence of precipitation (snow or rain) must be considered.

Our photographers have acquired the skills and experience needed in exterior photography. This makes us one of the best Washington DC photographers.

If you are in the look for professional wedding photographers who have a passion for their work, tons of experience and have the best interest of the clients in their hearts, look no further. Contact Griffen Theatre for the very best in wedding photography.